Property Maintenance Services
We will maintain your property and the site inside and out, manage your property bills, and maintain the pool and gardens, including perimeter walls and lighting, pathways and gates. We invite you to take out a Management and Maintenance agreement for your property and which will be tailored to your requirements. We believe that this is the ideal way to care for your property whilst you are not in Dalyan.

Pool and Garden Maintenance
Maintaining a pool can be time consuming and an inconvenience relax_byeespecially during the summer months.We can arrange to have your pool cleaned and treated regularly to keep it well maintained and fresh for you and your guests.
We offer a top of the range garden service to ensure that your garden is well tendered and looking its best all year round so you can enjoy its full potential. We will make regular visits and we offer a wide range of services to cater for your garden. Our gardeners are fully experienced in recognizing how to care for your garden as no garden is the same.

Cleaning Services
We will be happy to arrange for your property to be cleaned at anytime. Cleaning services are carried out on request.

Repairs & Renovation
In most cases, it is hard to fix problems of your house especially in a foreign country. So, we are here in Dalyan to answer your repairing needs of your house, no matter what type of problem you have.

Taxi Transport Services

If you need a transport in or around Dalyan,please contact us.